How to Increase YouTube views fast in 2019?

All the YouTubers want to increase their video’s views instantly. YouTube is world 2nd largest search engines after Google so your video has to be seen. We all know that videos are more visible and seen by the audience than images. So video marketing has become a necessary thing for all big and small medium industry. 
This article will focus on how you can increase your YouTube video views engagement naturally.

Golden tips to increase video’s views:

1) Share as much as you can on different social media:-
You must use social media very wisely. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc. are a great source of free traffic. Each platform has its own specification and you have to post according to it. Remember the key points of each platform and share your content wisely. If you are able to hit the bull’s eye, your videos views will go higher as Skyrocket. 

2) Create short but effective titles and description.
If you want to increase your YouTube video’s views instantly you need to think of SEO also because the more you come on top of search result the more views you will get. Google trends and keyword planner also helps you to discover new keywords which you can include in your content and description but do not include those keywords which are not relevant to your content.
3) Use thumbnail according to your content:-
People love to watch those videos that have the most compelling thumbnail. You have to use a hookup thumbnail to attract viewers. A compelling thumbnail is enough to increase your video views. Don’t use the auto-generated thumbnail, spend some time and choose which image is rightly suited to your video. Thumbnail requires a director’s eye for branding. The more you closely work on a thumbnail the more chances increases to your video to get seen. 

4) Analyses video’s analytic very closely:-
It’s very important to know who is your real audience, from where they belong, what age group they have etc? Uploading video blindly is just nonsense. YouTube analytics shows which video performed better, audience demography etc. Gather this information and upload your next video using all these info. It helps you to get a maximum number of views. 

5) Make video’s length short:-
Research by Buffer Social the ideal length of YouTube video is 2 min and 54 seconds. Make video crisp and tight. Don’t waste time in the introduction and posing a request to subscribe channel. Use a strong call-to-action button at the end of your video. 

With the help of these tactics, you can certainly increase your video’s views and grow your business instantly. But there is another method that you can use to increase views without any of the above hustle. 
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